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Dollar Photo Club is Now Closed – What Are Your Alternatives?

dollarphotoclubDollar Photo Club is Now Closed – What Are Your Alternatives?

By this time, you’ve probably already heard of the news that Adobe (Fotolia) has closed Dollar Photo Club (DPC) on 15th April 2016. This stock agency was all about offering great microstock services at reasonable rates, making it hard for anyone to find a better option.

So if you’re on the lookout for an alternative where you can get full-size images or vector illustrations without spending a fortune, keep reading the next paragraphs below. We’ve reviewed and collected some of the best selections you have so you can continue working on your design projects like before.

1. 99 Club @ StockPhoto Secrets

99 club stock photo secrets

While scouring the Internet, we’ve stumbled upon 99 Club. By far, this is the closest possible option we can recommend after Dollar Photo Club has terminated their service. To subscribe to their services, you only need to pay $99 per year and you can have access to a wide selection of 4 million images including premium fonts, vectors and icon packs. If you need more, all you need to do is buy additional images for only $1. The images are also of the highest quality and resolution so you can rest assured that you’ll be using only the best stock photos for your projects.

2. Adobe Stock

adobe stock

The first option being offered when you visit Dollar Photo Club is Adobe Stock. Why? To give you a little background story, Fotolia was acquired by Adobe last January 2015. Adobe integrated the entire Fotolia portfolio to their Adobe Creative Cloud. Eventually, they decided to close down DPC and migrated its members to Adobe Stock. While Adobe Stock offers the same services, the rates are noticeably not close to what we used to pay for when using DPC. In fact, Adobe Stock subscription costs $29.9 per month per 10 images, whereas DPC charges just $1 per image with a $10 monthly fee.

3. Envato Marketplaces: Photo Dune and more

Envato Marketplace

For a network of creative marketplaces where you can get amazing photography, illustrations, video footage, or website templates, consider Envato Marketplaces. Each of the marketplaces specializes in custom designing a certain type of product. This makes it easier for their customers to find the specific type of image or footage they are looking for. What’s more is that you do not need subscriptions to avail their services. This is a great option, especially if you only need images or templates occasionally.


Envato Market Photo Dune

Photodune is product of Envato that sells stock images. What’s great about it is that they price their image individually, and you do not have to pay for any subscriptions or membership. These make their service ideal for those who only need a few stock images for small or short-term projects. With Photodune, you will not be locked into any subscription and pay for any credits that you might not be able to use in the future. Their extra small images will only require you to pay for as low as $1, while small images are worth $2. The prices could increase every time the size of the images increases.


You can also check their other products:


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